Puppies are usually available out of our wonderful males, Morgan, Tru, Ten and  Bustin’ . Go to the very end of this page for info on litters now, or soon to be, available.


Welcome: BFR Puppies,” Quality for the Home and Field”

Marcia retired on May 25, 2016 and we have now resumed puppy rearing  starting with the Ten x AD litter and following that up with two litters from Shelby bred to Tru . We have now bred our Bonnie to our Ten.  We have always tried to produce a quality product and a couple of females that we had hoped would constitute that program just did not work out but now we have the ducks all lined up! Rather than breed just because we love doing it we had decided to wait until we are both available to do the job right and the females we have are what we want. That time is now!


YELLOW LABRADOR RETRIEVER  PUPPY  by Creasy, aka Indian Ridge Man On Fire QAA, out of Shelby is now available to a STRONGLY COMPETITIVE HOME. One male named “Buddy”  was Our pick of the litter and we have decided to sell him if we can put him in the right home. We are just really busy with some medical issues, dogs and bad weather right now. Buddy is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful puppy doing everything right for a pup 7wks and 5 days old. He is a medium shade of yellow and weighs in at about 13 pounds. He sleeps with us every night , is well on his way to being housebroken and has been introduced to a bunch of stuff including duck and goose calls, gunfire, birds and feathers and some simple retrieving. He comes to whistle and voice and he is crate trained. We would love to keep Buddy ( And we may if necessary) as he will be a welcome addition to our stable of yellow males. Buddy’s pedigree can be viewed by clicking on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=113720 . Call me at 217-474-7122 to discuss or to have pictures sent to you! . BUYER MUST BE ACTIVE IN THE HUNT TEST OR FIELD TRIAL GAME.

Shelby came into season and was bred to Indian Ridge Man On Fire, QAA, aka “Creasy”,  a nice young (27 months) yellow male with an outstanding pedigree and great record ( 23 derby points in 11 runs including 3 wins and a 4th and a win in three Qualifyings). Litter pedigree can be viewed by clicking on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=113720 . Yellow puppies due December 6, 2018. Pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound!


If you are interested in buying a puppy, please read our Letter to Prospective Buyers.

We offer a twenty-seven month guarantee on hips and eyes:

 A $200 deposit is usually required for a firm reservation.


******** In the meantime our boys are still breeding and we assist clients in obtaining a puppy in that way. Litters currently on the ground or soon to be whelped are listed below. Call us if you have any questions.

Stud Service Puppies

Here are some contacts for pups out of our males. If you are interested in discussing these females/breedings just give us a call  (217-247-2754). PSA = Pups Still Available.


1. Devon Myers (In.) 765-623-1894. Chocolate litter ( Bustin’) whelped November 22, 2018.  Dam, Gabby, is a 70lb beautiful, deep dark chocolate female with an outstanding pedigree, looks that match and style that is something to behold! To top it off she is a very nice dog around the house. Gabby is OFA Excellent for Hips, Normal for Elbows, Clear for Eyes,  and EIC/CNM Clear.  After the breeding to bustin’ Gabby was tested for additional DNA traits and found to be CLEAR on SD2, PRCD, PKD, HNPK, HUU, DM, CY, and D-Locus ( The dilute gene…no silver here!) She is a very clean dog genetically!.  Litter pedigree can be viewed by clicking on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=113714 . Call Devon or Blindfaith ( 217-474-7122) for more info or call Devon to reserve a pup. As of 4AM November 23 Gabby has 11 puppies on the ground! All pups sold!

2. Blindfaith Retrievers (IL) 217-474-7122. Yellow litter ( Shelby) whelped December 04, 2018.  Sire, Creasy aka Indian Ridge Man On Fire QAA, is a young (27 months) yellow male with an outstanding pedigree and Field Trial record accumulating 23 Derby points in just 11 runs and then getting a Qualifying third and a WIN in just three starts! Now Creasy is training for the Am and Open. Creasy is a fairly dark yellow and weighs in at about 70 pounds. He is an outstanding marker and rock solid on the line! This will be Creasy’s first litter and  we are excited to be the first! Shelby’s puppies out of our Tru have been beautiful and are doing well.   Litter pedigree can be viewed by clicking on https://huntinglabpedigree.com/testbreedpedigree.asp?ID=22200 or http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=113720. One male pup possibly available. Call Bill for more info.

3. Cindy Daugherty (Il) 217-649-7236. Yellow litter (Tru) whelped January 15, 2019. Dam, Sailor, is a medium sized, very dark yellow female with a nice field pedigree including our chocolate male Bustin’ MH and Gigi Straus’ chocolate MH male, Cain. Puppies will be singularly chocolate factored ( bBee). Sailor is OFA Excellent on hips and Normal on elbows and she is CNM/EIC clear. Should be a nice litter for both the Home and Field. Litter pedigree can be viewed by clicking on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=113771 . Call Cindy for more info or to reserve a pup. Reservations being accepted!

4. Jesse Smith (IL) 217-722-6443. Yellow litter ( Tru) whelped January 31, 2019. Dam, Gracie, is a 67 pound medium dark yellow who is a gundog and family companion. Gracie has excellent hips, normal elbows, EIC/CNM Clear and has a really nice pedigree. She is also chocolate factored so half the pups will be chocolate factored as well but none will be doubly so ( Pups will be Bbee or BBee). Litter pedigree can be viewed by clicking on https://huntinglabpedigree.com/testbreedpedigree.asp?ID=23092 . Call Jesse for more info or to reserve a pup. Reservations being accepted!

5. Alicia Curtin (IL) 217-369-4596 and Barb Kirby (IL) 618-521-2805. Black and Yellow litter ( Riparian Ghostrider QAA) whelped January 25, 2019. Dam, SHR White Oak Hallelujah BN, CD, RAE, JH, is a beautiful 72 pound black female with style galore and fantastic marking ability. Hailey has clearances including good hips, normal elbows and heart, clear eyes and she is EIC/CNM Clear. Hailey is a multi talented dog in the field ( Pheasant ), and the ring as well as being a perfect companion to our good friend Alicia. Puppy pedigree can be viewed by clicking on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=113829 . Call Alicia or Barb for more info and/or to reserve a pup. Reservations being accepted.

6. Darrel Frichtl (Il) 309-531-3495. Chocolate and Black litter (Ten) due April 15, 2019. Dam, Snickers, is a nice looking muscular 65 pound female out of our chocolate male, Bustin’. This should be a nice all around litter so if you are looking for a pet or gundog this could be the litter for you. All pups will be yellow factored. Puppy pedigree can be viewed by clicking on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=111533 . Call Darrell for more info or to reserve a pup. Reservations being accepted.