What’s New


Shelby has been bred to “Creasy” aka Indian Ridge Man On Fire QAA. ( See the Puppies page)


Bustin’ has been bred to a well bred chocolate female named Gabby. ( See the Puppies page)!


T has been sold is on her way to her new home in Macon, Georgia!


Bonnie has been bred to Ten and pups were whelped on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. See Puppies page.


Ten has been bred to our A.D.! Litter due June 25, 2016. See the Puppies page for more details and read about Ten and A.D. on the Guys and Girls pages!


Update, 6/17/2015:

6 weeks after surgery Tru is doing very well! An x-ray taken at SportsVet showed new bone growth and remodeling taking place and due to that Dr. Jacobs has advanced Tru’s rehab a bit more than usual and we, and I’m sure Tru, are very happy! Marcia began jogging exercises with him this morning and we will do some incline stuff later today as well. Walks will be advanced to 30 minutes as well. Tru may be able to resume breeding activities in about 6 weeks but that will be determined later. We will be taking him to a special place at The Quarry to start doing some pure water retrieves in the next couple of days!


Tru had knee surgery on Wednesday, May 6, 2015. The surgery was performed by Dr. Steve Jacobs of SportsVet in Savoy, Il. Dr. Jacobs said that the TPLO surgery went very well and Tru is recovering very nicely here at home. Tru had a partial tear of the cranial cruciate ligament and also a tear in the medial portion of his lateral meniscus. Tru is cooperating with us completely but he does not like the cone he has to wear for a week or so when we are not close by to watch him. He obviously does not care for the lack of work but that will change in about a week and a half when we begin water therapy at SportsVet. Tru will be unable to breed for a while but we now have frozen semen available at The Arthur Vet Clinic in Arthur, Il. Call for details.



A.D. has been bred to FC-AFC ” Slider”. Pups due September 4, 2014. See complete info on the Puppies page.


Dude, HRCH Blindfaith’s One Ruff Dude, earned his HRCH title and now joins Tru, Blind Faith’s True Spirit MH, QAA and Nash, Blindfaith’s Burt Becker Magnum MH, as one of The Blindfaith Brothers!…All three are out of Morgan and Ruff.

Blindfaith scores big at Tacoma!

This weekend at the Tacoma Retriever Club fall field trial two of our dogs took first and second place in the Derby.

First place was won by 21 month old Kate ( Check Out This Chic owned by Don Varchol) who is a granddaughter out of our yellow male Pic and our yellow female Ruff. Kate’s dam is Mercy ( Blind Faith Over Trouble Water SH) who was owned by Truman and Kate Ellis of Seattle before her untimely death. Her sire is Money Talks. This gives Kate 22 derby points!

Second place was won by Tru’s son, Ten ( Blind Faith’s Ten Commandments owned by Paul Shoemaker of Arlington, Wa.). Ten is only 13 months old and word has it that the judges agonized long and hard in deciding who was first and who was second! We are looking forward to great things from Ten. Paul feels that he is one of the finest young dogs he has ever had and that’s saying a lot from a long time pro like Paul who has won two nationals.



Our outstanding yellow male, Morgan, has been selected by Julie Cramond of the Australian Kennel Club to be one of three American bred Labs to be collected for importation as a way of introducing American genetics into the ” Down Under”. The other two dogs selected were NFC-AFC Hunter’s Run Boo Boo and FC-CFC LKY’s Controlled Burn…Morgan is in good company. The collection has taken place and the semen will be on it’s way to Australia shortly.

On January 21 Morgan was inducted into the Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame along with his talented son, Nash ( owned by Chris Sausman). He marks the fifth dog that Blindfaith has in the BRC Hall!.

It’s Tru!!  BFR has a new addition and he is doing very well. Blind Faith’s True Spirit, originally bred by us and owned by Paul Shoemaker of Arlington, Washington has been reacquired by BFR and is right at home. Tru passed his first two masters in wonderful style then went out on the very last bird ( a relatively easy blind) after being one of the only dogs to pin the final triple. Tru has ran two quals. In the first he was one of only two dogs out of 10 plus the test dog to complete the test before it was scrapped by the judges. We then had to scratch because we had to be home that evening. In the second he went out on the last bird of the event when he ( along with ALL the other dogs) did not see the bird and I messed up ( yep Handler Error…got mad and lost control)…he had a great chance to place and a chance to win so he’s off to a great start.

Deer Processing

Marcia and I thought that we would let you know that we always have our deer ( and some other wildlife as well) processed by our good friend Bill Hamilton who lives just outside of Danville, Il. Bill is a retired butcher who processes deer in order to have some extra cash for golf and traveling  the country with his lovely and understanding( blood trails down the driveway!) wife, Nancy. Bill is swamped with work each Fall so I’m not including his phone number. If you need processing call me and I’ll contact Bill or his partner Carl to see if they can help you out. Bill and Nancy are both graduates of my alma mater, Westville High School.