The Guys


  • Blindfaith’s Goldhill Desperado MH
  • AKC #SR94992104 ; UKC #R281-574
  • DNA Profile: #V871740
  • DOB: September 18, 2016
  • FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns x Avery Teal KB’s Dixieland Delight MH QA2
  • OFA: Hips LR-236631E25M-VPI ( Exc);  Elbows LR-EL86493M-VPI ( Normal)
  • CERF: LR-EYE15169/21M-VPI
  • CNM: Clear by parentage and test ( Animal Genetics)
  • EIC: Clear by parentage and test ( Animal Genetics)
  • B Locus: BBee, Not chocolate factored
  • D Locus; DD, Does NOT carry the dilute gene
  • Cystinuria: Negative
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Negative
  • Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK): Negative
  • Hyperuricosuria (HUU): Negative
  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKD): Negative
  • prcd-PRA: Negative
  • Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (SD2): Negative
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***************** ****** KID WILL BE IN ALABAMA TRAINING FOR THE FIRST FEW MONTHS OF 2021**********************
We purchased Kid from Kristin and Dakota Mealer of Goldhill Retrievers down in Alabama in November of 2016. Kid’s mother, Avery, came from a breeding we had done between our Morgan and Barb Kirby’s ( White Oak Retrievers) nice black female Gretchen. We followed Avery’s progress and were really impressed with all the work Kristin had done so when we found out that Kristin was thinking about doing a breeding with Pow we jumped on board!

From day one Kid has been everything we could have wanted. He is smart, good looking, stylish and, Boy! does he love to work! Kid weighs about 70 pounds and he is a dark medium yellow. Kid  spent the winters of 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 in field trial training with Dakota Mealer of Goldhill Retrievers in Alabama and was well on his way. We got  Kid back June 11, 2019 and and spent the next month  getting to know each other again. He did Qualifying marks but his blind work at Qualifying distances still needed some improvement.  We really felt that he had all of the traits that one would want in a Lab and at this age he was one of the nicest dogs we have ever owned!

Due to an impending surgery for Bill  our plans for running and training Kid were “fluid” at best. Rather than run him in a couple of Master tests to end 2019 we decided to enter him in two double Seniors in which he easily earned his SH title. By October Kid was running very well..Master level for sure and close to Qualifying but his blinds, particularly on water, still needed polishing. Kid is an excellent marker and may be the most stylish dog I have ever owned at least equal to his grandfather Morgan. My spinal surgery had been postponed so training was very difficult. Thus we decided to send Kid south to  Dakota Mealer at Goldhill Retrievers for more field trial training. So on December 20, 2019 we met Dakota and Kristen in southern Illinois and they took Kid home for additional training. I had my surgery on December 27 and Kid got in 6 months of great work down in Alabama. Kid was slated to run Quals throughout the Spring but a minor injury caused him to miss the first trial and then the Covid scare erased all the other trials for the spring. I drove down and picked Kid up on June 17. My surgery was a success and Kid is running well. Unfortunately the hot weather initially made it nearly impossible to train! We have now entered Kid in Masters and may soon run some Quals.

Kid earned his JH title in four straight on two weekends at Backwater and Ohio Valley. Kid earned his SH title in double Seniors at Backwater and Dardenne in September of 2019. He will now run Master and Qualifying. Kid’s grandpa Morgan got his JH and SH in two weekends at BRC and OVRC back in 2007 so we can only hope that Kid will come close to Morgan’s achievements as he grows older.Time will tell and we cannot wait to continue that journey!

Competitions 2019:

Kid had a big weekend at Backwater RC September 14-15 earning a qualifying scores in the Senior on both days. Kid did a very nice job both days and had large ovations on both land and water on Sunday. Pass rates were about 50% so I felt good about Kid’s performances!

Two weeks later Kid earned his Senior title at Dardenne RC running as well as any dog we have ever owned. Overcoming difficulties like honor dog breaking, no birds on walkup flyer, running dog breaks while he honors and no bird planted on one of his blinds, Kid was absolutely splendid the entire weekend. Kid ended the Sunday Senior by running the nicest senior water test I have seen a dog run!

Competitions 2020:

Southwest Georgia, February 28…Kid sustained a minor injury and the decision was made to scratch the Qualifying.

All other trials for Spring 2020 cancelled!

Kid will now run Master, Finished and Qualifying.

Kid has had his first six breedings, performed well and has other females in waiting.  If interested in a breeding or a pup out of Kid let us know and/or check out The Puppies page.

Kid now has his Master title earning ribbons at Michigan Flyways RC Hunt Test the weekend of August 15-16,  Backwater RC August 29-30, two more passes at Michigan Flyways double Master the weekend of October 10-11 and completed his MH at Central Kentucky the weekend of October 24-25.

I have to say it…THERE’S A NEW KID IN TOWN!


  • HRCH Blind Faith’s Ten Comandments MH
  • AKC# SR68485301; UKC# R242-158
  • DNA Profile #: V739249
  • DOB: July 06, 2011
  • HRCH Blind Faith’s True Spirit MH, QAA x Willows Whisper Midnight August ( Mallard Lake Kennels)
  • OFA: Hips LR-206066G27M-VPI ( Good) ; Elbows LR-EL60923M27-VPI ( Normal)
  • ECR ( CERF): LR-EYE2545/46M-VPI; RD/OSD Normal
  • prcd-PRA: Clear; SD2: Clear
  • EIC: Clear by test ( Animal Genetics, AG111166).
  • CNM: Clear by test ( Animal Genetics, AG111166).
  • Cystinuria: Clear (AG)
  • DM: Clear (AG)
  • HNPK: Clear (AG)
  • HUU: Clear (AG)
  • PKD: Clear (AG)
  • Chocolate factored by test and breeding ( Animal Genetics, Bbee).
  • D Locus: D/D, Clear of the dilute gene (AG)
  • Download Ten’s Pedigree (63 KB PDF)
  • View Ten’s Photo Gallery
  • Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame
  • BSE including Brucellosis Good, May 6, 2019
  • Multiple litters sired since the BSE

About “Ten”

Ten was originally owned by our good friend Paul Shoemaker of Arlington, Wa. He was bred by Diane Tillett with Paul’s guidance and we were fortunate enough to acquire Ten shortly after Paul’s death in early September of 2013. Ten is a beautiful, hard charging 67 pound light medium yellow who, like his father, Tru, and grandfather, Morgan, wants to please! Ten ran his first Derby at age 8 months and then placed second in a Derby at 12 months eventually earning 7 Derby points before moving up to the qual at 14 months. Ten, in spite of many difficulties due to Paul’s failing health and shifting around took a JAM in the Qual and then got a Qualifying Fourth two days before heading east for the 2200 mile trip to BFR. Many thanks to Burt Sweet and his wife for bring Ten to us and also to Eric Venard for arranging the trip and bringing Ten the last 150 miles arriving here at 6AM on Friday morning September 27, 2013.


About the bottom half of Ten’s pedigree:

The dam’s side of Ten’s pedigree, while not containing titled dogs in the first three generations,  contains very well bred dogs from the famous Mallard Lake Kennels home of at least 9 All Age titled Labs including two National Finalists. Mallard Lake is owned by Fazio Liberato who stopped running field trials in order to start a new business and never felt like getting back in. When I called him to inquire about Ten’s breeding, I was very impressed with his beliefs about Labs and the way in which he breeds his dogs. He told me that he bred his dogs with two things in mind in addition to health clearances: Love of retrieving and Love of water. Ten has both of those qualities in spades! That was the reason our friend Paul Shoemaker chose to do this breeding with Tru!


More about ” Ten”:

When we originally moved to acquire Ten we had no immediate plans for him other than to give him the kind of home Paul would have wanted! Getting to know him and his ways was high on the list and so far this boy seems like a winner! We thought that we would run him in AKC Masters and some FT Quals and possibly some UKC Finisheds. Once he had settled in, got to know us and received his clearances, that is what we did. So far so good!

Ten earned his Master title at the Ohio Valley Retriever Club the weekend of April 24-26 in grand Fashion! He was one of 28 out of 78 dogs to qualify in the Friday Master and one of 17 out of 49 to qualify in Master B on Saturday!

On September 11, 2016 Ten passed the Master at Backwater and with that pass qualified for induction into The Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame.

In 2014 Ten passed the Finished both days at Illinois River HRC and Mississippi Flyway HRC ( earning his HR title),  passed one finished at Backwater and one at Wisill and had six of the seven needed passes for the HRCH title when we decided to quit for the year.

Ten quickly completed his HRCH ( UKC Hunting Retriever Champion) title by passing the Finished at Illinois River HRC on May 16, 2015. Interestingly one of the judges that Saturday also judged Ten in his first Finished one year earlier.

Ten has run two Quals with us, going out on the water blind each time although I would generally say that water blinds are his strong suit. In the other Qual with us he was one of few dogs that nailed the 350 yard memory bird but he took a bad fall ( along with many other dogs!) on his way to the third bird at which time I picked him up in frustration with the test. It was a scratch not a failure.

Ten is  beautiful yellow Lab with a medium yellow coat and weighs in at 73.2 pounds. He has now sired multiple litters and reports from all have been great. We have had his semen checked and it was proclaimed to be excellent!

PS…We know that Ten’s name ( Comandments) is spelled wrong! It was done by the original owner and we could not change it when we acquired Ten because he had already earned awards with that name.


  • HRCH Blind Faith’s True Spirit MH, QAA
  • AKC # SR53460901; UKC # R206-143-D
  • DNA Profile #: V658977
  • DOB: December 7, 2008
  • HRCH Maple Creek’s Captain Morgan MH, QAA  x  HRCH Blindfaith’s Rufffian MH
  • OFA: Hips, LR-194025E31M-VPI (Exc); Elbows, LR-EL51836M31-VPI (Normal)
  • CERF: Eyes, LR-EYE238/48M-VPI ( Clear)
  • PRA Normal ( prcd normal by animal Genetics)
  • CNM: Clear by parentage (Both parents owned and tested by us. See Morgan on Guys, Ruff on Top Dogs pages)
  • EIC: Clear by test (Animal Genetics).  Clear by parentage ( Both parents owned and tested by us. See Morgan on Guys, Ruff on Top Dogs pages)
  • Heart: LR-CA10083/103M/P-VPI (Normal-P)
  • D locus: Normal ( Does not carry the dilute gene, Animal Genetics)
  • Download Tru’s Pedigree (76 KB PDF)
  • View Tru’s Photo Gallery
  • Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame.
  • BSE ( Breeding Soundness Exam including Brucellosis), 1/29/2021, Very Good ( Excellent for a 12 year old!)
  • Frozen semen available.

Since arriving here at Little Wappaoolah Tru has resumed his field trial training and been introduced to the fine points of the hunt test world. He is doing fine in both arenas of training but he and I are still getting to know each other. He is a beautiful boy and he loves the work. Our plans are to run Tru in both field trials and hunt tests ( AKC and UKC). Tru is available for breeding and has sired one litter out west and now has been bred over 50 times here in the Midwest. Tru’s son, Blind Faith’s Ten Comandment’s, out of his first litter ran the Derby this past spring in Washington starting at the ripe old age of 8 months. Ten took second place in a Derby at the age of 12 months and was  running the Qual at age 18 months (Feb. 2013).

As of August 18, 2014  Tru had entered 19 AKC Master tests and passed 17 doing a great job in each case and earning his MH title and induction into the Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame. In the first Master he failed he was perfect thru 9 marks and a double blind and then ” turned me off” on the final blind…still don’t know what happened?????.  We entered  him in his first Qualifying even though we felt that he was not quite ready. The test was scrapped ( and we had to scratch…see What’s New page) after Tru was one of only two dogs to do the first two series after 10 dogs and the test dogs had run ….A GOOD START! In his second Qual Tru went out on the last bird of the last series when he did not see the bird and I messed up big time….A REALLY GOOD START!! Tru followed the good start with a second place in his first and last Qual of 2012 at Ohio Valley on April 27, earning the distinction of being Qualified All Age as well as earning his MH title and qualifying for the 2012 Master National!

Tru ran HRC Finished last spring and summer and earned seven passes ( earning his HRCH title in seven consecutive attempts)  at Illinois River HRC, Mississippi Flyway HRC, Backwater HRC and Wisill HRC. Like his father Morgan a job well done!

When Tru was out in Washington state he remarkably won a sub junior  test at a field trial on the day he turned 3 months old…running without collar or lead, 100% steady and delivering to hand from the sit position. auspicious beginning. He later won a junior before turning 6 months! Tru also Jammed a Derby shortly after turning one.

Tru is medium yellow and weighs about 72 pounds with a beautiful head and tons of spirit.

Tru is available for natural breedings after having an excellent BSE on January 29,2021!


  • HRCH  Maple Creeks Captain Morgan MH, QAA
  • AKC # SR23990406; UKC # R189-630
  • DNA Profile #:V513386
  •  February 25, 2005 – April 01, 2019
  • FC-AFC Calumets Super Sonic x FC-AFC Maple Creeks Maggie May
  • OFA: Hips, LR-167009E24M-PI (EXC); Elbows, LR-EL34715M24-PI (Normal)
  • CERF: Eyes, LR-46025/2008–36 ; RD/OSD Normal; PRA normal
  • CNM: Clear by test ( LR-CNM06-831-M-PIV)
  • EIC: Clear by test ( LR-EIC700/43M-VPI)
  • The following tests were performed on Morgan’s DNA in Australia:
  • Cystinuria: Normal
  • Mytotubular Myopathy X Linked: Normal
  • Narcolepsy: Normal
  • Long Hair Gene: Normal
  • D Locus: Normal ( Does not carry the dilute gene)
  • Download Morgan’s Pedigree (255 KB PDF)
  • View Morgan’s Photo Gallery
  • Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame.
  • Frozen semen available.

Maple Creek’s Captain Morgan came to Blindfaith Retrievers in the fall of 2006 at age 17 months after having his initial field trial training  done by Mike Judas of  Ten Bears.  He was bred by Brad and Sonya Bowyer of La Grange, Georgia, the same breeders who produced our  yellow male, Blindfaith’s Pick a Blue Moon MH. Morgan was 75  pounds, medium  yellow and hasd a gentle and affectionate temperament. He was as eager to please as he was eager to retrieve. Morgan was one of the most stylish dogs we’ve ever seen and once you had seen him pick up a bird you wouldn’t forget it.

Before we acquired Morgan, he ran two Field Trial Derbies and earned a JAM (Judge’s Award of Merit) in one. After arriving at BFR, Morgan began his hunt test career in the spring of 2007 passing four consecutive juniors and four consecutive seniors all in nine consecutive days to earn his junior and senior titles. Morgan passed his first  AKC Master the weekend of June 9, 2007  at Madison Retriever Club at the ripe old age of 2 1/4 years then followed it up with passes at WisAm, Backwater and Bootheel. Morgan earned his Master title at the Backwater Retriever Club spring test on April 13, 2008( after taking the 6 months off so that Bill could hunt!) exactly one year after beginning his hunt test career . Morgan ran and passed his first two HRC Finisheds on March 28 & 29, 2009 , passed his third and fourth on May 2 & 3 earning his HR title and followed that up by passing his fifth and sixth the weekend of May 16 & 17.  Morgan passed his seventh consecutive finished to earn his HRCH title on May 30 at Mississippi Flyway. He completed all 7 Finisheds with no handles on any marks or diversions and with 14 beautiful blinds.  Even though  our hearts are not in the field trial game like they were 20 years ago, we want to give Morgan  a chance to see if he can do some good so we may run some field trial qualifyings during the second  half of 2011 ( see below).

FLASH!! Even though we were not able to do much training in the spring of  ’11, we entered Morgan in the Qual at the American Amateur RC Spring trial and he earned a JAM in a very hard qualifying. The “hunt test dog” came out during the first half of what was described as ” the toughest qualifying water blind I’ve ever ran” by one experienced field trialer but Morgan got through it and finished well. Marcia and I feel that this shows he is a player in this arena as well…just as we believed all along.

Morgan earned the Reserve Jam in the Qualifying at Midwest Field Trial Club’s spring 2012  field trial. We’re getting closer!

We got there!  Morgan won the Qual at American Am on May 25, 2012 and is now Qualified All Age. For those who saw Morgan run this test and the Am the next day he was ill and the next day had to be taken in as an emergency to our vets followed by a trip to the Purdue University vet clinic for treatment of a spinal infection. It took about 4 months to recover but he is now well with no side effects!

Morgan has also been introduced to the wonderful game we call pheasant hunting and has taken a special liking to it!  During the first two weeks of September, Morgan dove hunted for the first time and did a very nice job as well.

Morgan  had quite a number of breedings and the litter owners were all happy with the pups that Morgan has produced. One puppy, Tru , owned by long time west coast pro, Paul Shoemaker, won the junior puppy stake at a March 7 field trial on the exact day he turned 3 months old!!! No collar, no lead, steady and delivered to hand!! . Tru earned a Derby jam in Washington and in his first two Quals here at Blindfaith after we had reacquired him, he went out on the very last bird in his first and then took a 2nd at Ohio Valley.  We are looking forward to watching the progress of these well bred puppies and we plan to keep a puppy from Ruff’s final breeding to Morgan which has been done. We have now reacquired Tru from our good friend Paul who was unable to continue competing with him.

A number of Morgan’s littermates are doing very well in the competitive world. AFC Maple Creek’s Mattie Mae ( Mattie), originally owned by Morgan’s breeder, Brad Bowyer, has derby points, qualified all age at 2yrs, has won two Am’s and has three open thirds under her new owner, Dave McMahan. Mattie won the Amateur and placed third in the Open at Lincoln Trail RC  the weekend of October 22, 2010 and now has her AFC.  Two other littermates, HRCH Maple Creek’s Calumet’s Coyote MH ( Yote)  and FC-AFC Downtown Buster Brown XXXI( Buster),   made the  Nat’l Derby list. Yote had 19 derby points, a third and a fourth in quals and a 2nd in a SRS regional qualifying him for the Crown Championship that year.

Buster won both the Open and Amateur at the Tulsa Retriever Club spring trial on May 6-8!  The wins earn Buster the FC and AFC titles, qualifies him for the Nationals and earns him membership in the exclusive Doubleheader Club! Congrats to Buster and his owner Charles Bearden!

Mattie won the Amateur at Bluegrass on October 8 – 9 to complete her AFC and is now a two time double header winner! Congrats go out to owner, Dave McMahon.

HRCH Blindfaith’s Burt Becker Magnum MH ( Littermate to Tru) earned his first two master passes at the BRC Falll Test in Sept. 2010 at the age of 21 months and did so in grand fashion…no handles on 17 marks and 6 beautiful blinds!  Nash earned his MH title at the OVRC  hunt test in April of 2011, the weekend after Morgan qualified for the BRC Hall of Fame!  We look for great things from this young dog. Complete info on Nash can be found on his website,

At the Spring 2011 Backwater Hunt Test Morgan had six offspring running, 3 in Master, 2 in Sr and 1 in Jr. All passed each event they entered!  See the accomplishments page for details. The next weekend Nash’s littermate, Tru ( Blindfaith’s True Spirit), ran his first Qual out in Washington state and went out on the land/water blind combo after hammering the retired gun land  triple.

Morgan is no longer available for natural breeding but a limited amount of frozen semen is available!. Morgan is OFA hips excellent/ elbows normal, CERF and RD/OSD normal , CNM and EIC clear.  Morgan has a great pedigree with no Lean Mac and his stud fee is reasonable. Call to discuss the price on his frozen semen. Check his pedigree out. It has to be one of the best in the retriever world!

Morgan was one of four American bred Labs to be selected for importation of frozen semen to Australia. We are honored that Morgan was chosen along with NFC-AFC Hunter’s Run Boo Boo and FC-CFC LKY’s Controlled Burn. This is quite an honor and we look forward to Morgan puppies    “down under”. Puppies from these litters are involved in police and customs work down under.

Morgan’s daughter, MACH3 Grizzly’s Razz-Ma-Tazz RN JH MXC MJC AXP OJP MXF OFP T2B2, a female out of Dan Tyner’s yellow female Taya.(  Tazz is owned by Alice Hartnoll and Gary Springstroh) was the top agility dog in the United States  as of June 30, 2013!  We are very proud of the fact that Morgan’s puppies are doing so well in many different arenas!

Morgan’s daughter, ” Sylvia”, is the first Blood Detection Dog in the country doing police work in which she detects .2 or a ml of blood! Morgan’s offspring excel in many areas! Click on to view Sylvia and here about the work she does!


  • Blindfaith’s Bustin’ A Move MH
  • AKC# SR51294804; UKC# R216-938
  • DNA Profile #: V658978
  • DOB: August 7, 2008
  • CAFC, HRCH Gunner, Flight Interceptor SH x Erins Edge Double Magnum Meg
  • OFA: Hips LR-189176G24M-VPI( Good); Elbows LR-EL48438M24-VPI( Normal)
  • CERF: LR-54224/2008-2
  • CNM: Clear by parentage
  • EIC: Clear by parentage
  • D locus: Normal ( Does not carry the dilute gene, Animal Genetics)
  • BSE Good, May 6, 2019.
  • Download Bustin’s Pedigree (18 KB PDF)
  • View Bustin’s Photo Gallery

Bustin’ is an 85 pound chocolate male that we purchased from Nancy Planasch of Erins Edge in Wisconsin. He is one of the nicest puppies we have ever had….great temperament, smart and loving. He is a beautiful, deep chocolate, loves to retrieve and goes with style. We hunted pheasants over Thanksgiving  2008 and decided to throw a big rooster for Bustin. Even though he had never seen a pheasant in his life, he raced right out, picked it up with no hesitation or playing and promply brought it right back to Marcia.  Three months old and kickin’ it !!  He enjoyed his first dove hunting early in September 2009. Seeing him bring in a dove was a hoot…big mouth, little bird! Look for good things from this boy.

Bustin’ completed his JH title in 4 straight ( passed a 5th straight the next day) and earned his SH by passing 4 out of 5  seniors and distinguished himself in doing so.  Bustin’ completed his MH title by passing a very challenging master at Ohio Valley which ended with him lining the second land blind to end the test! He runs with great style and enthusiasm.

Bustin’ now is an AKC Master Hunter!

A few words about Bustin’. We are not wealthy and just don’t have the time, money and energy to run all of our dogs in the events for which they are well qualified. For a number of reasons we have focused our attention on our two yellow boys, Morgan and Tru, and that turned out well. Unfortunately Morgan became seriously ill the day after he won a Qual and for the next 4 months we were caring for him and doing little else. So Bustin’ and the other young dogs got the short end of the stick so to speak. Anyone can say that there dog ” can do the work”. So I will just say that Bustin’ is an exceptionally beautiful Lab..big head, well muscled with an outstanding dark coat. He has great style and runs Master level marks and blinds.  All in all Bustin’ is a fine specimen, worthy of breeding and is a fine dog both for the Home and the Field!


  • Blindfaith’s The Highwayman
  • AKC# SS09229908; UKC# R286-541
  • DOB: December 4, 2018
  • Indian Ridge Man On Fire QAA x Willow run’s She’s A Shelby MH
  • View Buddy’s Pedigree

YELLOW LABRADOR RETRIEVER MALE  by Creasy, aka Indian Ridge Man On Fire QAA, out of Shelby has found a home here at Blindfaith with Marcia who fell in love this guy from the get go! “Buddy” was the pick of the litter and we had decided to sell him until Marcia overruled that decision. Buddy is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful dog and is running very well. Buddy is registered as Blindfaith’s The Highwayman!

Buddy has not run in competition as of the end of 2020. A combination of my back problems messing up 2019 and the Wuhan ( Covid-19) Virus playing hell with 2020 prevented us from running anyone but Kid. Buddy is running Senior level marks well and he is pretty close to running Senior blinds but not quite well enough for my liking. Buddy is very stylish, hunts well and gets out over 200yds nicely. He and Bustin’ are Marcia’s favorites and Buddy travels with Marcia nearly every time she ventures out. Look for good things to come from this young dog!