Puppies are usually available out of our wonderful males, Morgan, Tru, Ten, Kid and  Bustin’ as well as our Girls. Go to the very end of this page for info on litters now, or soon to be, available.


Welcome: BFR Puppies,”Quality for the Home and Field”

Marcia retired on May 25, 2016 and we resumed puppy rearing  starting with a Ten x AD litter and followed that with a litter out of Tru and Shelby. We will probably continue to have a litter or two each year as long as we each feel up to the task of raising puppies the right way! It is not an easy job when you do it right, taking time and care to provide the pups with everything they need! We have always prided ourselves in producing puppies that not only make wonderful pets but can do the work as well.


YELLOW LABRADOR RETRIEVER MALE  by Creasy, aka Indian Ridge Man On Fire QAA, out of Shelby has found a home here at Blindfaith with Marcia who fell in love this guy from the get go! “Buddy” was the pick of the litter and we had decided to sell him until Marcia overruled that decision. Buddy is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful dog and is running very well. Buddy’s pedigree can be viewed by clicking on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=113720 . Buddy is registered as Blindfaith’s The Highwayman!


If you are interested in buying a puppy, please read our Letter to Prospective Buyers.

We offer a twenty-seven month guarantee on hips and eyes:

 A $200 deposit is required for a firm reservation.


******** In the meantime our boys are still breeding and we assist clients in obtaining a puppy in that way. Litters currently on the ground or soon to be whelped are listed below. Call us if you have any questions.


Here are some contacts for pups out of our males as well as litters we will be having here at Blindfaith. If you are interested in discussing these females/breedings just give us a call  (217-474-7122). PSA = Pups Still Available.

1. Blindfaithretrievers  (Il) 217-474-7122. Yellow litter ( Kid) whelped August 31, 2020.  Dam (Shelby) is a Master Hunter with tons of drive and style and personality to match. She sleeps on the bed every night and diligently watches the house during the day. She has OFA Good hips, Normal elbows and Clear eyes. Shelby is EIC and CNM Clear. Check The Girls page to see more info on Shelby.

Kid is one of the nicest Labs we have ever owned.  He is super stylish with great marking ability and superb trainability. He is a beautiful medium dark yellow, kind of butterscotch in shade and weighs in at about 70 pounds. Kid is running Masters now and will run Qualifyings after that. Please see The Guys page to read about Kid’s last two years to get a picture of why he is “only” a SH!     Kid has the usual medical/genetic clearances plus numerous others ( See The Guys page). He has OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, Clear eyes and he is EIC/CNM Clear. This is Kid’s first litter.

Puppies will be ready to go to homes the weekend of October 17.  Please call for more complete info on Shelby, Kid and, of course, the puppies. To view the litter pedigree you can click on  http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=114716 Bill’s cell is 217-474-7122. All pups reserved.

2. Cindy Daugherty (Il) 217-649-7236. Yellow litter (Kid) whelped September 20, 2020. Dam, Sailor, is a very dark yellow female out of Cindy’s SH chocolate male, Rambo, and a female out of our Bustin’. Sailor has OFA Good hips, normal elbows and clear eyes. She is EIC and CNM clear as well. Check out Kid on The Guys page and click on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=114747  to view the litter’s pedigree. Call Cindy for additional info or see her Darty’s Labs FB page. All pups reserved.

3. Ed Miller (Il) 217-246-1327. Yellow factored black litter ( Kid) whelped November 12, 2020. Dam, Misty, is a very personable, extremely well bred black female who probably does not carry yellow. Misty is a good looking 70 pound companion dog who has numerous clearances including hips and elbows. Misty’s pedigree is chocked full of Labs who have proven that they can get it done in the field. Misty loves to retrieve!  To view litter pedigree click on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=114824  . Call Ed to get more details on the litter and Misty. Reservations being accepted.

4. Glennda Naeger (Il) 618-615-7006. Yellow factored black and chocolate litter (Ten) due December 17, 2020. Dam, Holly, is a nice, chocolate female with an outstanding pedigree and numerous medical/genetic clearances. She is EIC/CNM Clear, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal and Eyes Clear. She also is Clear at the D-Locus so does not carry the dilute gene.  To view litter pedigree click on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=114885  . Call Glennda for more info on Holly and the litter. Reservations being accepted.

5. Cindy Hart (Il) 815-848-8868. Yellow litter (Kid) due December 29,2020. Dam, Bella, is a good looking yellow female with a more traditional Lab look. She has been bred to our Tru before and that litter turned out well. Bella has OFA excellent hips and is heavily  boned with a darker yellow coat. Call Cindy for more info on Bella and details on the litter. Reservations being accepted.

6. Andrew Lechleidner (In) 260-927-7189. Yellow litter (Kid) due January 26, 2021. Dam, Kimber, is an attractive, 53 pound yellow who is very pleasant and nice to be around. She is a trained shed hunting dog who has earned the UKC Working Shed Dog title and she is well on her way to the Champion title and she has just turned two. Kimber is OFA Good on hips, normal on elbows, clear on eyes and she is clear on the 187 trait Embark panel except EIC ( Carrier but non affected). This should be a nice breeding for any arena but especially nice if you are interested in the rapidly growing sport of shed hunting! Call Andrew for more details or to reserve a pup. Reservations being accepted.

7. Cindy Daugherty (Il) 217-649-7236. Yellow litter ( Kid) due February 5, 2021. Dam, Ruby, is a fox red yellow female (Dark puppies expected) with a nice pedigree and a pleasant disposition. This will be Ruby’s second litter, having been breed to Kid’s cousin, Ten, earlier this year.  Ruby’s hips and elbows are OFA’d Good and Normal, her eyes are clear and she is EIC/CNM Clear. This should be a very nice breeding for the Home and Field. Our Morgan is on both sides of this very nice pedigree and in other similar breedings the pups have been very nice with a desire to please and a fire in their belly to get the job done! To view litter pedigree click on http://www.gooddoginfo.com/gdc/asp/viewpedigree.asp?DogNo=114997. Call Cindy for more info on this breeding or to reserve a pup. Reservations being accepted.