Blindfaith Progeny

Like one of our other pages, I have failed to keep this page up due to how busy we are and how many puppies we have who are doing very good things in the retriever world. I will try to do better!

This New page now under construction! we will be adding to it at every opportunity but until I recover from surgery and get some training in it will be slow. Thanks to everyone who has sent us info.

It is our desire to use this page of our website to give credit to the many  Labrador Retrievers that either got their start here at Blindfaith as puppies or were sired by our wonderful males. The dogs mentioned will not be in order of importance and, hopefully, we will be adding pictures as time permits. If you have a Blindfaith dog ( BFR) that is not mentioned here please give us a call or an email with pertinent info and we will include your dog as soon as we can.


MORGAN x TESS ( Mallard Point Tess MH) litter whelped March, 2010:

1. “Bugs”, Satin Belle’s A Little Bit Of Cricket, earned a JAM in the Acadaina Derby the weekend of February 10-12 in Louisiana. Congratulations to Bugs and her owner Jackie Thibodeaux of Morse, La.

2. ” Scout”, Guenevere’s Sir Lancelot, owned by Richard and Elizabeth Vicknair is running field trials with Ed and Jackie Thibodeax of Satin Belle Retrievers in La.

3. “Tilly”, HRCH TilHe Calls Us Home, owned by John Jackson of Brownsburg, In, has earned her HRCH title shortly after turning two years old. Way to go John and Tilly! After whelping a litter of pups, Tilly passed the 2013 HRC Grand in Iowa at age 3.

4. ” Belle”, GRHRCH Bourbon Belle II MH, owned by Bane and Colleen Robertson of Paris, Ky. completed her HRCH title  shortly before her littermate, Tilly, and then got the AKC MH title in the spring of 2013. Belle passed the UKC Fall  Grand in October 2012 at age 2.5.  Good Goin’ and keep up the good work! Belle passed the HRC Fall Grand to earn her GRHRCH title at age 3.5.


RUFF X RICKEY ( FC-AFC Riparian Windfall) litter whelped April 2008:

1. “Cali”, HRCH  Widowmakers Too Hot To Handle MH, owned by Shawn Sims  of Hogansville, Ga. got her first UKC Grand pass this spring and she was handled by a 12 year old! Cali is Shawn’s full time gun dog and also ran well in an SRS event this spring.


MORGAN X RUFF litter whelped December, 2008:

1. “Nash”, HRCH Blindfaith’s Burt Becker Magnum MH. owned by Chris Sausman of Osceola, In. has made a big hit in the hunt test world. Nash earned his MH title before age 3 and induction into the Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame by passing 10 of 11 AKC Masters as well as going two for two in HRC Finisheds. We look for great things out of Nash during 2012 as he runs to complete his HRCH title and possibly runs FT’s in the Qualifying stake. Nash has now passed 14 of 15 AKC Masters ,qualified for the 2012 Master National after passing the Master at Presque Isle over the June 2 weekend and has passed 5 of 5 HRC Finisheds.  Nash ran and passed  a double Finished at BRC the weekend of June 17-18 and now needed two more passes to complete his HRCH title which he accomplished at the Ohio Hunting Retriever Club the weekend of September 23, 2012. So Nash earns the HRCH title in 7 straight! Nash has also had his first few breedings and by all accounts has distinguished himself quite nicely in that new arena! Check Nash out on his website,

2. “Tru”, Blind Faith’s True Spirit MH, QAA, owned by BFR after originally being sold to longtime west coast pro, Paul Shoemaker  earned his MH title, became Qualified All Age and qualified for the 2012 Master National by passing the Master and taking 2nd place in the 32 dog O/H Qualifying.  Tru will now continue training for the UKC Finished and running the all age stakes in AKC field trials as he and his siblings ,Nash and Dude, fight for the distinction of being the best Morgan pup out there ( Along with numerous others!!). Tru has now been inducted into the  BRC Hall of Fame!   See more info on Tru in the Guys section of this website.

3. “Biz”, Blindfaith is Risky Bizness JH, owned by Ron Kline of Glenmont, Oh. Completed JH title in straights and now training to run senior.


MORGAN x RUFF litter whelped July, 2009:

1. “Dude”, HRCH Blindfaith’s One Ruff Dude,  owned by Eric Venard of Tacoma, Wa. completed his HR title in grand fashion and is now preparing to run the Finished this spring ( 2012). Dude is Eric’s first Lab and after sustaining a near career ending leg injury that required the better part of a year to heal Dude is back on track…Field Trials? Dude passed his first two HRCH Finisheds at Whistling Wings in Washington on April 21, 2012. Dude passed the two Finisheds at the Whistling Wings fall test to complete his HRCH title in 4 straight! Way to go Eric and Wynne!

2. “Roscoe” , Blindfaith Roscoe of Lacabreah JH  , owned by Mike Damon of Fort Wayne, In. completed his JH title in the fall of 2011 and now is training for the senior.

3. “Ziva”, Blindfaith’s Hot Buttered Rum JH, owned by BFR completed her JH title and is now in handling training and has been  bred for the first time to FC DoubleDuce. More info on Ziva can be seen on this website in the Girls section. Unfortunately Ziva passed away due to gastric torsion during the fall of 2014.


MORGAN X TAYA litter whelped June,  2008:

1. “Scooter”, Grizzly’s Scooter Maggee MH, owned by Dan Tyner, the breeder, has earned her MH and ran the Master National. Scooter has an outstanding master pass rate and runs with breath taking style. Scooter was inducted into the Backwater Retriever Club Hall of Fame on January 11, 2014

2. ” Lilly”, Sunshine’s Lil’ Spirit of Sunny Acres MH, owned by Renee Fites is now running Masters, passed her first at the Spring 2012 Backwater Hunt Test and now has completed her MH title.

3. “Bella”, Morgans Sonicstar Bella, owned by Michael Hicks from Texas has three Senior passes.

4. “Tazz”,  MACH Grizzly’s Razz-Ma-Tazz RN JH MX MXJ AXP OJP XF OFP  WC, owned by Alice Hartnoll and Gary Springstroh , has earned her MACH ( Master Agility Chanpion) and will be running senior level in AKC hunt tests. Tazz earned her MACH title over Memorial Day weekend and is now rated #1 in the country. Congrats!!


MORGAN X GABBY litter whelped December 2008:

1. “Wrigley”, Top Knob’s Willow Run Wrigley MH, owned by Steve Troyer earned his MH title and will run the 2012 AKC Master National this fall in Alabama. Wrigley has passed 9 of 10 Master runs and should qualify for induction into the BRC Hall of Fame before the year is over!


MORGAN X BREEZE  litter whelped May 2011:

1. “Kash”, Captain Morgan’s Kash is King, owned by Trey Byrd earned his JH title in four straight starts shortly after turning 10 months of age.


TRU x WILLOW litter whelped July,  2011:

1. “Ten”, HR Blind Faith’s Ten Commandment’s, owned by Paul Shoemaker of Arlington, Wa. is running the Derby out west beginning with Tacoma on March, 23, 2012 at which time he will be 8 months old! GO TEN!!! Watch for Ten to do some nice things.


MORGAN x JUNE litter whelped November 28, 2008:

1. “Camo”, HRCH Biglake’s Jammin Captain Camo, owned by Tim Nichols.



1. “Stormy”, HRCH Abby’s Storm in the Night owned by Abby Eash. Stormy has 4 master passes.